Dari, which is also known as Gabri or Behdinān, is the language of the Zoroastrians of Iran. Spoken mainly in the Yazd and Kerman regions, Dari is among Iran's most immediately imperiled languages. In 1999, there were only an estimated 8,000-15,000 speakers (see ethnologue.com). However, that number will likely decrease rapidly in coming generations, as parents are speaking to their children in Standard Farsi rather than in Dari. Already, only a small proportion of Iran's Zoroastrian population speaks Dari. Like most of Iran’s other regional languages, Dari is not written and is thus easily overlooked, even by contemporary linguists (see bibliography).

Dari Translation
Consent to Participate in Research
You are being asked to participate in a research study.
Before you agree, the investigator must tell you about (i) the purposes, procedures, and duration of the research; (ii) any procedures which are experimental; (iii) any reasonably foreseeable risks, discomforts, and benefits of the research; (iv) any potentially beneficial alternative procedures or treatments; and (v) how confidentiality will be maintained.
Where applicable, the investigator must also tell you about (i) any available compensation or medical treatment if injury occurs; (ii) the possibility of unforeseeable risks; (iii) circumstances when the investigator may halt your participation; (iv) any added costs to you; (v) what happens if you decide to stop participating; (vi) when you will be told about new findings which may affect your willingness to participate; and (vii) how many people will be in the study.

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The Dari language has traditionally been divided into two main dialects: one spoken in the city of Yazd and the other in the city of Kerman. This division of the language, based on the division of its speakers into their two main cities of residence, conceals the complexity of the actual dialectical situation. The Yazd dialect is itself comprised of some thirty varieties, each distinct and unique to one of the Zoroastrian neighborhoods in and around Yazd. The variation amongst the Yazd dialects is so great that, were they not united to some degree geographically, we would without a doubt classify them as distinct dialects. Though we do not know for sure, the Kerman dialect may also contain (or may have contained at one time) a comparable level of dialectical complexity.

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