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We, at Technocom, are language professionals striving for excellence and seeking to render the highest quality translations for our clients, and to promote the highest caliber translation service.
What does it take to render the highest quality translation?

Real understanding of both the Source Language and the Target Language, and the culture of both countries and places. Knowledge, Training and Experience in specialized fields, e.g. business, medicine, law, computer science, marketing.
State-of-the-art computer skills.
Common Sense (which is not so common).
Stop Searching for Translators -- You Have Found What You Are Looking For !

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced translators. We only assign translation projects to highly educated speakers, who have NATIVE fluency in the Target Language. Most of our translators have a M.A. or Ph.D. degree, and are members of recognized associations of professional translators.

Translation Equipment

We have the latest hardware and software to assist our team to better serve our clients. We do formatting, Desktop Publishing, and localization to your satisfaction.
Specialization: Website Translations (Multilingual Websites), Legal documents, Technical documents, Business letters, Medical documents and surveys, Government publications, Advertisements, C.V's / Resumes, Business cards, Instruction manuals, Insurance policies, Financial documents, Sales and promotional brochures, Personal correspondence, Subtitling, Transcripts and Diplomas, and more...

Languages: No matter what language you speak, we can find the right translator for you. french english translator.
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