Persian (Farsi), is a language spoken in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Bahrain. Persian has official-language status in some of those countries. There are over 75 million native speakers. It belongs to the Indo-European language family. It is of the Subject Object Verb type. Persian is a member of the Indo-European family of languages, and within that family it belongs to the Indo-Iranian (Aryan) branch. Scholars believe the Iranian subbranch consists of the following chronological linguistic path: Old Persian (Avestan and Achaemenid Persian) ? Middle Persian (Pahlavi, Parthian, and Sassanids Persian) ? Modern Persian (Dari, c. 900 to present Persian).
Old Persian, the main language of the Achaemenid inscriptions, should not be confused with the non-Indo-European Elamite language (see Behistun inscription). Over this period, the morphology of the language was simplified from the complex conjugation and declension system of Old Persian to the almost completely regularized morphology and rigid syntax of Modern Persian, in a manner often described as paralleling the development of English. Additionally, many words were introduced from neighboring languages, including Aramaic and Greek in earlier times, and later Arabic and to a lesser extent Turkish. In more recent times, some Western European words have entered the language (notably from French and English).

The language itself has greatly developed during the centuries. Due to technological developments, new words and idioms are created and enter into Persian like any other language. In Tehran the Academy of Persian Language and Literature is a center that evaluates the new words in order to initiate and advise its Persian equivalent. In Afghanistan , the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan does the same for Afghan Persian (among other languages).

Persian Translation

When my Beloved the cup in hand taketh
The market of lovely ones slack demand taketh.
Every one saith, who her tipsy eye seëth
"Where is a shrieve, that this fair firebrand taketh?"
I, like a fish, in the ocean am fallen,
Till me with the hook yonder Friend to land taketh.
Lo, at her feet in lament am I fallen,
Till the Beloved me by the hand taketh.
Happy his heart who, like Hafiz, a goblet
Of wine of the Prime Fore-eternal's brand taketh.

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