Assamese is the eastern-most language of the Indo-European family of langauges. It is spoken by about twenty million people in Assam on both banks of the mighty Brahmaputra. It has an illustrious written history going back almost a thousand years.
The Assamese language grew out of Sanskrit, the ancient language of the Indian subcontinent. However, its vocabulary, phonology and grammar have been substantially influenced by the original inhabitants of Assam , such as the Boros and the Kacharis.

14,604,000 in India (1994 IMA); a few in Bangladesh (1991 D. Barrett SB). Assam , Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh. Also in Bhutan . State language of Assam . Bengali script.

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Mumbai, July 21 - After 29-hour long marathon search, CBI today arrested P. S. Subramaniam, former president of Unit Trust of India (UTI), along with current executive directors M. M. Kapur and S. Basu, chief financial officer Prema Sadhu Prasad and stock broker Rakesh Mehta. CBI started this investigation of the above mentioned UTI officials since yesterday morning 6:00 AM in regard to fund misappropriation of about 32.8 crores rupees.

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